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RBMA Block 4: Circular and Ecosystem-Based Planning

River Basin Management Academy (RBMA) is a six-block tailored-made training and capacity building program for the Water Resources Agency of the East Java Province civil servants, collaborating with Nuffic, HZ University of Applied Sciences and The Water Agency.

The main goal for the training is to make the knowledge transfer and transformation happen between the Welang Masterplan consortium to the Province’s civil servants. This knowledge transfer on integrated river basin management could be repeated in the coming years for new employees of the Province to provide opportunities for life-long learning as per the Sustainable Development Goals 4 agenda.

The program consists of 6 learning blocks and this article includes resources for Block 4: Circular and Ecosystem-Based Planning.

Course Content: Block 4 – Circular and Ecosystem-Based Planning

4.1 – Building with Nature – Basic Design Principles

Building with Nature (BwN) started in 2008 in the Netherlands and in Indonesia since 2015. Nature-based solutions are dynamic, multi-functional, innovative for dealing with water issues, local and context-specific. It requires to think, act, and interact differently.

There are 6 enablers of BwN:

  • Technology and system knowledge
  • Multi-stakeholder approach
  • Adaptive management, maintenance and monitoring
  • Institutional embedding
  • Business case
  • Capacity building

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